IRBF Development, LLC currently holds rights to several inventions available for licensing:
      Storage Cabinet with Solid State Dehumidifer
      Mouse monoclonal antibody RIg9 against Rabbit IgG
      Mouse monoclonal antibody HTF1 against human Tissue Factor (CD142)
      Mouse monoclonal antibodies TF-1E2 and TF-1F7 against bovine Tissue Factor

IRBF Development, LLC holds an inventor’s interest in additional monoclonal antibodies owned by the University of Nebraska Medical Center and managed by UNeMed Corp. (
      MoAb E1.2D3 against human and rat coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor (CAR)
      MoAb E(mh)1 against human and mouse coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor (CAR)

      More details regarding MoAb E1.2D3 and MoAb E(mh)1 are provided here.


Storage Cabinet with Solid-state dehumidifier

A solid-state dehumidifier is built into a safe or other storage cabinet. This invention developed from a personal need caused by the humidity in eastern Nebraska. To solve this problem, I learned sufficient solid-state electronics and applied my knowledge of physics and physical chemistry to design and build the unit, including regulated power sources, adequate heat removal, and regulatory circuits to provide for condensation of moisture without forming ice.

Performance of an installed unit was tracked for over 12 months. Relative humidity and temperature were measured inside and outside of the cabinet. Relative humidity inside the cabinet remained below 40 percent even when the outside relative humidity exceeded 80 percent. The inside temperature remained favorable at only a few degrees Farenheit above ambient. The data can be made available for serious inquiries. In August, 2017, outside RH was over 80% and the RH inside the cabinet was near 40%. Mean time between failure is unknown since the two prototypes are still running (20 years) with no failures. The patent has expired. The design and engineering will be treated as proprietary information.



Mouse anti-Rabbit IgG

IRBF Development, LLC owns a hybridoma (fusion of a mouse plasmacytoma cell with an antibody-secreting mouse plasma cell) that produces an IgG1 specific for rabbit IgG. The antibody is highly specific and has been used in my laboratory as a secondary reagent for developing Western blots, immunohistochemistry, and flow cytometry. Its utility is well-documented in my publications.

Monoclonal antibody recognizing rabbit IgG (Fab):



Mouse anti-Human Tissue Factor (CD142)

IRBF Development, LLC has rights to license hybridoma HTF1 that produces an IgG1 specific for human Tissue Factor. The antibody has been useful for inhibition of tissue factor activity, immunoaffinity purification of tissue factor, western blotting, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, and flow cytometry.

Carson, S.D., S.E. Ross, R. Bach, and A. Guha.  1987.  An inhibitory monoclonal antibody against human tissue factor. Blood 70:490-493.


Mouse anti-Bovine Tissue Factor

IRBF Development, LLC has hybridomas TF-1E2 and TF-1F7 that produce IgG specific for bovine tissue factor. The antibody has been useful for inhibition of tissue factor activity, immunoaffinity purification of tissue factor, western blotting, and immunohistochemistry.

Carson, S.D., R. Bach, and S.M. Carson. 1985. Monoclonal antibodies against bovine tissue factor which block interaction with factor VIIa. Blood 66:152-156.


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