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SCarsonI started taking pictures during backpacking trips so I could revisit the experiences over the long winters. They were vacation pictures. Then I started picking the ones I liked best and hanging prints at home. Some of them ended up here. People seem to enjoy them. I hope that most of these are now more than just vacation pictures.

If you would like prints, see Getting Prints.

For those of you who revisit this site, the Site Map page lists the most recent update to each page. Updates are irregular (this is really just a hobby).

If you would like to leave comments, I have a related SCarsonPhoto site on Face Book, or you can send an email.


Contact: Steve Carson

If you are interested in how the photos were taken, the EXIF data is still associated with the jpeg files. EXIF Viewer is an add-on available for Firefox under the Get Add-ons tab. After it is installed, EXIF data can be shown by right-clicking an image and clicking Exif Viewer. Some images have more information than others.

Disclaimer: I am a scientist, but not an ornithologist, botanist, entomologist, or zoologist. Identities associated with the photos have been assigned by comparing the photographs with reference books, on-line sources, and by consulting people with more experience than I have (see Sources). Identities I know might be wrong are marked tentative or provisional. I work hard to get them right, but there could be (have been) mistakes.
Privacy: Simple. I don't know anything about you. If you contact me, your email ends up in my contact list that I don't willingly share. I save a copy of email correspondence, which should not contain any really important information (I can't take credit cards). So, I won't ask and you shouldn't tell me any secrets. Note: I have used Google Analytics to assess site performance, and I assume that Google is tracking all visits to the site.
Programming note: The page layout was done at a screen resolution of 1280 X 1024, which will be optimal for viewing. The site is optimized for Firefox (my preferred browser), and it works on my iPod Touch and my Galaxy phone. Some of the pages seemed to load a little slow in Chrome, but presentation was as intended. There are a few quirks in Internet Explorer, and the windows aren't placed where I want them in Microsoft Edge. Both issues might be fixed as I gain more programming skills.
The site uses JavaScript (not JAVA), and clicked gallery images are shown in a new window.
I started this website as an exercise to learn HTML, then discovered that I also had to learn CSS, then JavaScript and the different capabilities of server-side and client-side processes. When I started programming computers, it was to solve analytical problems. It also involved punch cards. I don't code for a living. I'm still learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Best practices? I just hope the pages load every time I test them.
This site does not intentionally link to any advertising or spam sites. If you ever experience inappropriate content from this site, please send me an email so I can clean it up. I pay GoDaddy to keep the site safe.


Available images are all copyrighted and registered with the US Copyright Office. Images created in in the current year are for display only.
Contact: S. D. Carson
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