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Getting Prints

If you would like a print of a picture that you see on this site, contact me by email. Yes, email. This is just a hobby, not a commercial photo site with a shopping cart and prints stored in a warehouse. Prints are produced individually, insuring that you can get the size and type of print that you want.

I can order the print size you want on the medium you prefer from a service that does excellent work. I will be glad to help you get what you want. Prices over the cost of getting the print and shipping (i.e. my work) will be reasonable.

The print size will need to have dimensions similar to those of the online image (for example, if the picture is a panorama 3 times longer than it is high, the print will need to be 3 times longer than it is high). Decide what image you want printed and at what size.

I expect all of my pictures to be high quality. Some of the landscapes and panoramas might fill a wall with acceptable resolution, but some pictures, especially wildlife, are crops from photos at distance and may be acceptable at no more than 8 X 10 inches. You tell me what image you want and what size you want for a print, and I'll tell you whether or not I think the file I have will be satisfactory if printed at that size. If I wouldn't hang it on my wall, I don't want it on yours.

I can order a print of nearly any reasonable size (consider up to 60 inches reasonable) on photo paper, canvas, metal, and a few other options, have it shipped directly to you, and charge you my cost for the print service and shipping plus a reasonable premium for the photogaphy. The photo print service I use has been doing very nice work. For standard sizes, I can quote the cost plus shipping from the service. For custom sizes, I can give you an estimated cost before the print is ordered. The premium (the amount over my cost of getting it printed and shipped) can be discussed when you decide which one you want and the final size.


For those of you in the mid-west looking for a bindery, I put together a photobook some years ago with quality heavy paper. Capitol Bindery in Omaha, NE did an outstanding job. I discovered them when I needed my laboratory research notes bound over 30 years ago. They do great work.

Photo book

Contact me by email: Steve Carson


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