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Four Coots and a Turtle
Aspen 4011
Canyon Lands 8228
Buck and Harem
Arches N.P. pan2
Avalanche Lake Glacier N.P.
Arches N.P.  p3
Green River Canyon Lands 8134
Dead Horse Overlook near Moab
Aspen 9686
Sandhill Cranes 1764
Soaring Eagle
Trumpeter Swans 1002
Canada Geese 1251
Goose and Goslings 3637
Campsite View
Deer 1530
Castle Mountain 5466
Coot Geese Terns
Cornfield Sandhill Cranes 1315
Arches Sunset
Cranes on a Farm 1544
Flat Tops Sunset 1958
Winter Turkeys0892
Sunset on Snowy Peaks
Flat Tops Beaver Pond
Stump Park Road in Clouds 7716
Derby Mesa Meadow
Engineer Pass 2004 hrz
Green River 8108rot
Flat Tops Flowers 7476
Surf Nebraska
In the Aspens 3708
Fan Dancer
Flat Tops Wilderness in Early June
Purple Wild Flowers3829
Fools Peak pan2
Holy Cross Ridge and Middle Mountain
Late Spring on North Derby Creek 1741
Wild Flowers in Fall Grass 7233
Suburban Hawk
Hidden Lake Glacier N.P. 3945
Lake McDonald Glacier N.P. 3839
Nebraska Sunset 8800
Road to Stump Park 1083
Sunset on Holy Cross Ridge
Canyon Lands Rim and Point
Ruddy Ducks 7732
Sand Dunes pan1
Bighorn Sheep Glacier N.P. 3523
Edge of Sand Dunes ed13
Shrooms 8602
Storm at Sunset 5096
Wild Sunflowers on the Plains 8250
Grand Canyon 1586
Summer Storm in South Dakota 4854
Wildflowers in the Flat Tops 6046
Ship Rock 1406 hrz
Storm in the Flat Tops 6929 34
Reflections 6164
American Kestrel Hunting
Wild Iris 9550
Grand Canyon 2068 74 hrz
High Meadow in the Flat Tops
Flat Tops Fall
Flat Tops Evening at a Pond
Road Lake
Road Lake and Derby Peak 3057
Columbines 0168
Hike to Keener Lake
Elk Hunters Leave the Flat Tops
Globeflowers 8422
Asters 8737
Kodachrome SP 2338
Pine Canyon Pour Off Big Bend NP
Eclipse 27Sept2015
Big Bend NP 4727
Flat Tops Fall 4851 57
Carter Creek Flora 2971
Chisos Mountains 5743
Common Mergansers 0509
Sierra del Carmen above clouds
Mallards 0381
Big Bend NP 1440 45
Eagle's Nest Wilderness
Colorado River 1421
Fall Aspen 5297
Double-crested Cormorants
Geese and Goslings  9929
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