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Land and Sky

Animas River Farmington NM
September Aspen
Four Mile Falls near Pagosa Springs
Dry Fork Slot UT 2808 10
Derby Peak from North Derby Creek 3078
Bryce Tree and View
Canyon Lands Cedar
Canyon Lands Bent Cedar
Canyon Lands Optimist
Comet McNaught Jan 07
Rainbow Sky 5835
Comet McNaught Jan 07
Dunes and Brush
Backpackers Milky Way
Sunset on North Derby Creek
Storm in the Flat Tops 6912
Falls at Keener Lake Late Summer
Energy from W Texas
Evening Geese
Farmhouse and Sandhill Cranes
Flat Tops after Rain
Flowers in Sand Dunes
Sunlight filtered by Aspens 9735 40
Distant Meadow in Bloom
Wild Flowers
Missour Creek Fall
Forest Fungi
March Geese
March Geese V
Ballooning 5808
Glacier N.P.
Hoarfrost and Haze
High Pines Color
Hoarfrost Thorns
Mountain Rainbow
Hummingbird in Silhouette
Burning JJL IIIs Money
Japanese Garden
Logan Pass Glacier N.P.
Broken Rainbow 5850
View of the Desert from the Chisos Window 4632
Holy Cross Wilderness Trail into the Pines 2769
In Orion
Big Bend NP view of Mexico Mountains
Missouri Lakes CO in September
Moonrise on Derby Mesa
South Fork of the Conejos
Nebraska Sunset
Red Sunset in the San Juans
Red Tailed Hawk and Clouds
Sunset at McMillan Lake
Road in the High Aspen
September Storm 5452
Moon and Jupiter at Twilight
Territorial Red-tailed Hawks
Spring Willows Flat Tops Wilderness
Summer Storm in South Dakota
Crosswinds at Sunset
Tree on the Edge, Grand Canyon N.P.
Canyon Lands Tower and Cedars
Venus Jupiter Moon and Spica
Grand Canyon Rainbow
Emerald Pool Zion N.P.
Shadey Waterfall
September Storm 5485
Spooky Slot UT 2698
Pool at Pine Canyon Pour Off Big Bend NP
Ship Rock 1409 Hrz
Clouds 1568
Grand Canyon Terrace
Grand Canyon Evening 1535
Sunset at the North Rim, Grand Canyon N.P.
Pine with a View, Grand Canyon N.P.
New Growth Color- Fall on Derby Mesa
Antares 7014mag
Kodachrome SP UT
Derby Mesa 4009 11
Chisos Mountains 0911 15
Dry Fork Slot UT 2786 88
Window Sunset Big Bend NP 2264 68
Chilled Crab Apples 0550
Sierra del Carmen Above Clouds Big Bend NP
Aztec Ruins NM
Dry Fork Slot tenaja
Nighthawks at Sunset
Sept Storm 5473
Ernst Canyon Geology Big Bend NP
Ice Berries
Sunset Clouds 0151 54
Fireworks 4986
Fireworks 4922
Fireworks 4925
Fireworks 4790
Clouds 1655
Aspen in Snow
Comet Wirtanen and the Pleiades
Fall Aspen 5277
Grand Canyon 4123
Fall Color on Vail Pass
Grand Canyon 1652
Grand Canyon 3981
Clouds with plane 1673
Dry Fork Slot Tenaja 2
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