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Arches N.P.
Sharp Shinned Hawk
Cosmo with one Bee
Flat Tops Meadow
Cranes on a Farm
Caged Ball Still Life

Bald Eagles

Evening Geese
Dead Horse Overlook near Moab
March Geese
Redtailed Hawk
Flat Tops Sunset
Fan Dancer
Northern Cardinal
Storm in South Dakota
Yellow Monkey Flower
Pussy Willow
Mountain Goats in Glacier N.P
Nebraska Sunset
Red Spotted Purple and Silvery Checkerspot
Wild Bean
Dew on the Rose
Sunflowers on the Plains
Crosswinds at Sunset
Pink Elephants
White Lined Sphinx Moth
Lake McDonald Glacier N.P.
Sandhill Cranes
Emerald Pool at Zion N.P.
Ship Rock 1406 08 Hrz
Yellow Crab Spider in Marigolds
Bald Eagle
Wild Iris
Elk Hunters Leave the Flat Tops
Flowers on Carter Creek  2851
Derby Mesa
Sunset on North Derby Creek
Nanny and Kid 3965
Wild Garden on Carter Creek 2609
Carter Creek Flora  1863
Sunset  through the Chisos Basin Window
Wild flowers in Aspens  5473 74 75
Stump and Wild flowers 5433
Grand Canyon 3981
Clouds with Plane
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